If you’re painting you’re happy!
My website shows and gives you the means to draw and paint.
So here’s to making you happy!

I’m the author of four art instruction books. The latest is PORTRAITS Right from the Start. (2016). The book contains a mass of information on features, proportions, perspective and the head, and how to draw and paint portraits. It gives you the means to become a pro at painting people by just working through the lessons. You can “Look Inside” on the books page on this site and you’ll see what I mean. (Available: orderform). 
My other books are “Watercolor Right from the Start“. (Available See orderform),  and  Color Right from the Start, (Sold out).
I performed over 2,500 lightfastness and paint characteristic tests for my material. (Guide and Updates) using the blue wool reference scale to ensure uniform light exposure. Click HERE to read the online “Update” survey to “Hilary Page’s Guide to Watercolor Paints”.  (This is not the FREE Update that you receive by emailing me!)
Here I’m giving a talk about my Guide at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston’s monthly meeting
A unique feature of the Guide is the Reflectance Curves that enable you to gauge each paint’s mixing potential. I obtained the curves by painting specimens of the paints and sending them to the chief chemists at Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith who measured the reflectance using a spectrophotometer. They then sent me the printed curves with the sample pinned to it. I transcribed the curves to make them uniform for my Guide. If you are interested in receiving the curves please let me know. contact You can find used copies of my Guide at a price. But unfortunately I don’t benefit from used copies!
At present I’m working on “Figures Right from the Start”done in my usual, information packed way.
I’ve written over fifty magazine articles including for American Artist Magazine’s “Watercolor” issues (Steve Doherty editor) and  the Artist magazine UK, Dr. Sally Bulgin, editor).
My article on  “Visual Complements the Difference between Visual and Mixing Complements” will change the way you think about color and change the way you paint! I coined the names Visual and Mixing Complements that are now part of the painters’ lexicon.  During my research for”Color Right from the Start” published by Watson-Guptill publications, I figured out that there are indeed two types of complements based on two types of synthesis as explained in my article Visual Complements . Enjoy!
Aureolin Alert: the Defective Paintis another article on this site that you will be interested to read. In doing my lightfastness tests for my Guide, I noticed that Aureolin (PY40) rapidly turns brown and fades when exposed to light. This is contrary to its good ASTM rating. The chief chemists of Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith concurred with my finding.
Sparkling “ Interference Paints” contains more unique information.
I’ve produced seven art instruction DVDs. My paintings can be seen at my web galleries. Click on each item for more information. An orderform is provided if you would like to make a purchase.   Finally I’m an experienced workshop instructor and have taught in the USA and internationally though not too much while writing books. Please contact me if you have questions.
HILARY PAGE framed by Lewis Armstrong Portrait & Figure Workshop Lubbock Texas October 2003: During the final critique of self portraits, I photographed each participant next to her/his painting which I framed in the mat shown. With 25 in the workshop this was quite a performance. At the end, in a lighthearted moment, my friend Lewis matched my effort by framing me!

BIO:Originally from England, I came to the USA in 1966 after graduating from Drama school in London. My portfolio of costume and stage designs won me a job at a commercial art  studio in Indianapolis where I also attended a couple of evening classes at the John Herron School of art. Later I taught elementary school in New York City! After a hiatus for marriage and children, I returned to my artwork.

Residing in Houston, Texas I became known  for my acrylic murals in homes and businesses and was featured on several television shows in this regard. At this time I began watercolor painting and for a time served as Administrative Director for the Watercolor Art Society-Houston. I started teaching watercolor in the early 1980’s. After the publication of my first book entitled “Watercolor Right from the Start” (1992) I began teaching painting workshops throughout the USA, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas and Europe.

I have lived Houston Texas with my husband since 1971; and with the kids now grown and grand kids growing, I divide my time between painting and writing.